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Today in Touching PSAs: Amy Poehler for Domestic Workers

This year, the California State Senate will vote on the CA Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, a bill that will provide previously unprotected domestic workers with overtime pay, an appropriate amount of breaks and safer living conditions (i.e. basic workers' rights). Among those voicing their support is actor, comedian and Jezebel favorite Amy Poehler who now appears in a PSA supporting the bill. In the video, Poehler admits that she would never have been able to achieve all that she has without the hard work of the domestic workers who have helped to raise her family and keep her home.


A worthy lady for a more than worthy cause.

Amy Poehler video for domestic workers [Politico]

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She's the best. In the happiest corner of my imagination, Amy is my supercool BFF roommate... we spend our nights hanging out with our neighbors from across the hall (Allison Janney and Hillary Clinton), drinking wine, watching weird cat videos on youtube and having dance parties. It's my strangest, most elaborate pipe dream.