We get a lot of interesting tips from readers on the #tips page, and while we don't have time to weigh in on every one, we've decided to copy our brother site, Gawker, with a regular roundup of contributions.

  • doodley is not amused was, naturally, unamused by this article on the importance of being pretty. A recent study found that women who are thinner, prettier and taller have the edge at work, probably because we subconsciously think they are more "productive and fecund." And apparently, it is impossible to combat the prejudice except by throwing on some heels and a slimming black outfit.
  • Marclax3 and Sandicomm both posted about a fascinating piece on CNN about an anti-government movement in Iran in which men post pictures of themselves on the internet wearing headscarves. The movement began after an anti-government protester was forced to wear chador, a garment typically worn by women. "They (Iranian government officials) use a standard cliche to try to humiliate men, as if being a woman were something bad," said professor Hamid Dabashi.
  • Newsgirl sends a link to a Facebook page protesting Ralph Lauren's Photoshopping ways. Newsgirl adds: "CNN has been committing then flaking out of covering it because, get this, they can't find anyone to balance a segment by disagreeing with the director's point that RL's photoshopped ads hurt women."
  • We're not 100% convinced the prank is real, but commenter rodmanstreet thinks it's pretty mean. A man from the UK claims he put a motion censor under his newly-married pal's bed and is now Tweeting each time they have sex. He weirdly starts each sex-tweet with "they're on the job!" or conversely "they're off the job!"
  • And finally, our most popular tip of the day: "Back from combat, women struggle for acceptance." Four different commenters brought our attention to the depressing story of returning female veterans, who are unfortunately overlooked by the community. While male soldiers get free drinks and welcome home parties, the women are often left feeling rather alone and unsupported.

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