Today In Tips: Operation Bombshell & Photoshop Disasters

We're always on the lookout for interesting stories, and thanks to the #tips page, we never have to go too far. Read on for Coco, pink microscopes, and the benefits of planning your pregnancy.

  • RedSonja-tamer-of-wild-animals brought this interesting post - aptly titled "The Powerlessness of Pink" - from Science Blogs to our attention. Not only are little girls being sold girlified toys, but they are also getting the weaker versions of telescopes and microscopes. PZ Myers writes: "There is a message being sent here. Being feminine, being girly, means you belong in a separate category in the science world, and it's a category that needs less utility and more concern about appearances."
  • HannahBethD brings the snark with her tip: "I know you'll all be shocked, but apparently Guttmacher found that a planned pregnancy is a healthier pregnancy for both the woman and the soon-to-be baby. Imagine that." Well, color me surprised.
  • The New York Times reports that some army wives are signing up for burlesque classes in order to give their hubbies a (strictly PG-rated) show upon their return. They call it "Operation Bombshell." Thanks for the tip, moonfaerie!
  • And to round out the roundup, ms. don't shush me posted a link to this fascinating deconstruction of a truly horrible Victoria's Secret photoshop job. And to go with the theme, we've also got some Coco, before and after (NSFW).

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