It's finally Friday, which once meant celebrating with episodes of Boy Meets World and Sabrina. Now that we're all adults, lets end the week with Thank Goodness It's Tips, brought to you by readers and the overflowing #tips page.

  • First up we have aprambow, who linked to a query in today's Guardian from Stephen, 24, who needs to know if he is "too nice" to find a girlfriend. Even though he goes to the gym, he still can't find a date. Agony Aunt Carole suggests that he is just dating flighty 20-somethings, and he'll have more luck in a few years. We'd like to add: If you think you are "too nice," it probably means you're not really all the nice. Just a thought.
  • A recent study has figured out which states have the happiest residents, and which states could use a little Prozac. Apparently, warm weather is a major factor in happiness: the top five states on the list were Louisiana, Hawaii, Florida, Tennessee and Arizona, with New Yorkers coming in last as most miserable. Commenter NellMood adds, "as someone who has lived in both those states [NY and LA] , I'm not so sure about that."
  • She-Prime notes that today is a "busy day in Canadian sex news." Perhaps most interesting is this article about regulating sex toys. Two owners of an eco-friendly sex shop wrote to Dr. Carolyn Bennett, a liberal MP and physician who became quickly involved in their cause. "These two young women were so compelling in terms of their environmental credibility, in terms of why they were wanting to do this … I thought I should send the minister [of health] a letter," says Bennett. Read the "urgent" letter here.
  • Also from She-Prime comes this weird story about a Canadian man who became paralyzed following a rare complication from genital herpes. The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that the man should not receive compensation from his insurance company, on the grounds that the disease was not "accidental" and could have been prevented by using protection.

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