Today In Tips: Michelle Obama, Trophy Wife?

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After wading through the muck and mire of today's news, our #tips page is a breath of fresh air. Well, more like a carefully culled pile of what the fuck, but who's keeping track?

  • Leading off our roundup is a story from the Times, made no less bullshit by the fact that it's a few days old. The headline? "The unstoppable rise of the public trophy wife: The new generation of sassy first ladies like Carla Sarkozy and Michelle Obama are eclipsing their men and winning votes in style." Did someone seriously just call our First Lady a "trophy wife?" Thanks to bowleserised for the tip.
  • HannahBethD posted a great chart of commonly misspelled words. As a self-proclaimed godawful speller, I'm tempted to buy it for my wall.
  • Dr. Stephen Greenberg of Park Avenue is offering a package deal for New Year's: Buy some new boobs, get a chauffeured trip to see Lady Gaga in Miami. soeffingclassy put it best: "WTF."
  • Commenter rixatrix calls this piece from Marie Clare a "disgusting piece of writing." The article answers the age old question: "Was her preference for husky men real or was she trying to protect herself somehow?" Spoiler alert: The "fetish" turned out to be nothing more than flimsily disguised self loathing.
  • And last but not least, sayah wanted us all to know that the Czech government has voted to allow small amounts of cannabis for personal use, thus deciding my 2010 travel plans.

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To be fair, all of the trophy wives I've met have also gone to Princeton and Harvard Law, followed by a career at a prestigious Chicago law firm and a stint as Assistant to the Mayor.