Today In Tips: Leave Chris Brown Alone & Get Over Rejection

Our inboxes may be overflowing with spam and horrible PR pitches, but all is good over at the #tips page! The highlights, with due thanks to our eagle-eyed readers:

  • Poor Chris Brown, people are just so mad at him, but at least he has the College Candy writers on his side. Commenter girlwithapen points to Can We Leave Chris Brown Alone Now? (answer: no) as a particularly harmful piece of bullcrap, especially because it contains this line: "Lately, it seems like we're punishing the wrong person." So, Jasmin from the University of Missouri, who should we punish?
  • "Western science is on the cusp of developing a pharmaceutical fountain of youth," says Dr. Gerald Weissmann. What is this fountain, you ask, and does it have anything to do with anti-aging lotion? No, the secret is in calorie restriction. However, before we grab our pitchforks and torches, it seems that limiting glucose intake can help cells stave off cancer. Thanks blazedom!
  • Commenter ass-over-teakettle demonstrates the right way to tip (informative, funny, and with an interesting link): "Researchers at the University of Kentucky have discovered that in addition to alleviating physical aches and pains, acetaminophen can also help ease the psychological pain of social rejection. Oh, hi! John Gosselin. Have a Tylenol."
  • And finally, Diana Prince sent in an article from the BBC about China's new parking lot for women. It's painted pink and purple (natch), has attendants on hand to help guide you into a space, and is designed to "appeal to female tastes." Oh. Brother.

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