Today In Tips: Jezebel Goes GOP & Gets Elf-ified

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Today we've got a surprisingly self-referential batch of tips. But don't blame us - we're just pulling from the overflowing #tips page. Also on your minds: "inhuman" EMTs and our favorite topics: over-sharing and feminism.

  • Commenters quietlygoingmad and abackwardglance both posted this horribly sad story, about a pregnant woman who died in a coffee shop, just a few feet away from two EMTs taking a break. Instead of helping the 25-year-old women, they advised onlookers to call 911, and continued with their breakfast. The woman's mother has spoken out against the recently-suspended EMTs, calling them "very inhuman."
  • lacey in ak finds herself saddened by the news that the Boys Choir of Harlem has quietly disbanded. The choir, founded in 1968, has sang at the White House for every president since Lyndon B. Johnson, but unfortunately did not survive long enough to perform for the first black president.
  • Reader maryrules takes on this annoying column, from Eye Weekly about the significance of over-sharing and the failures of feminism. maryrules writes: "I'm a recovering Facebook over-sharer myself, but I don't follow how ladies blogging their 'sex dirt' translates into the most important thing we can do or how it will ultimately end the wage gap. Wha?"
  • Ever wondered what Jezebel would look like if we were run by a bunch of right-wingers? Well, girl.of.your.dreams has the answer: It's Jezebel, GOP-style.
  • And finally, thesciencegirl has turned four of our team into Elves, in a video that is both weird and kind of funny.

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Doesn't being a health-care professional obligate you, at least morally and ethically, to help someone in distress, by virtue of your training and knowledge? I know there's such a thing as work/life separation, but it seems to me that when you take on that job, you also accept that you have some personal responsibility to help those who are in need. I have a few friends who are in the biz, and I've seen them, on many occasions, go out of their way to help the guy who slipped on the ice, or woman who is passed out at the bar, or dude who crashed his bike.