Yesterday we introduced a new feature - stolen from our brother site - in which we roundup the most fascinating bits and pieces from our #tips page. Thanks to eagle-eyed readers, we have another great edition today.

  • Quick check: Are you an asshole? If you said yes, maybe you should become a fan of "The guy who decked Snooki" on Facebook. Tip via stationendrama, who summarized her feelings for this with a succinct "ugh."
  • Katynels posted an article titled "Why is there no female Tiger Woods?" in which Richard Cohen writes: "women seem not to have the evolutionary urge to couple with cheaply dressed strangers. They have a stronger need to mother - to have a child and then raise that child." Yup, he really breaks down the whole Tiger Woods-sex-scandal thing to Darwinian urges. Reductionist, but topical!
  • And to round out our roundup, m.e. stijl has expressed annoyance with Brooklyn-based stationary company Dictator Goods for creating "greeting cards for men." The NYT Magazine links the cards with all the typical manly-man things: Don Draper, emotional withholding, and refusal to eat quiche.


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