"I don't care what a girl says, you still don't put your hands on her," DJ Pauly D tells ET about the infamous punch. Meanwhile, people are asking the cast for beauty tips, and Snooki wants her own show.

Snooki also discussed what it was like to watch herself be assaulted by a drunk stranger: "It's really hard for me to watch. The first time I saw it, [I] started hysterically crying. ... It came out of nowhere." Fellow cast member J-Woww describes to ET what it was like to be a bystander: "It was horrifying,...My arms, everything was just covered in blood. ... It was a grown man hitting a tiny, tiny girl."

As mentioned over the weekend, MTV has since pulled the clip, although the controversy hasn't exactly hurt them. According to Us Weekly:

In its second week, the show's ratings were up 50 percent. This past week's show attracted 2.1 million viewers, a big boost from the 1.3 million viewers that tuned in for Dec. 3.


Snooki also isn't shying away from attention. ""After this, I'm hoping to stay in reality," she told Extra. "I'm hoping to get my own show. We'll see where it goes from here."

And should there be a demand for style tips from the cast, Us Weekly and People are happy to oblige. But it'll take commitment to follow in their steps: "It takes me twenty-five minutes to get it right," says DJ Pauly D. "Greatness takes time, and this hair right here is greatness. I have it down to a tee, but this is a process right here." Also: Wear full makeup to the gym, and of course, be really, really, really tan.


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