We tend to disagree with this yuppie retailer's self-congratulatory description of itself as "The Art and Soul of Cooking" โ€” we'd save that moniker for our favorite baked-Triscuits-with-cheddar recipe โ€” but, hey, they've got a catalog, we've got a studio apartment with no kitchen to speak of, and a girl should dream, shouldn't she?

This is totally unoriginal on our part, but we're way into the idea of having a terrarium in our home. Thing is, there's no place online where we can find instructions on how to buy one ready-made (we're lazy that way). And then there's the problem of cost: most glass-domed containers by themselves are ridiculously expensive. How does Sur La Table figure into this? Here's how: we're intrigued by the tabletop-jungle possibilities in these glass cloches, which are not only gorgeous, but inexpensive as well ($15-30). If we can get off our fat asses and learn how to grow moss, we just might be getting somewhere.

We were also taken with this Breville Juice Fountain Elite; it's a nicely-designed stainless-steel appliance without a four-figure price tag. But who are we kidding. We're not making fresh juice anytime soon; we can hardly make oatmeal.