Today in Catalogs: Anthropologie Home; Barneys New York

Just a few months after the debut of Anthropologie's new catalog PRINT, the Philadelphia-based retailer appears to be continuing its quest for domination of the market in fairy-tale fashion [We love Anthropologie as much as the next girl, but how do these people make money? Are there really that many women who can afford $500 wood-sprite shoes? —Ed.] and has released yet another new catalog: Anthropologie HOME, a 43-page, beautifully-designed (duh!) little book of lamps, wallpaper, furniture, and tableware for the bohemian in all of us. We pull it out of our mailbox and dig in:

Part of what we love about Anthropologie — PRINT, HOME or "REGULAR" — is that it creates a fantasy-world where every girl has long, Pre-Raphaelite hair, a closet overflowing with modern but feminine clothes, a bookshelf full of first-editions, and a well-upholstered, sun-filled bungalow decorated with potted plants and sleeping cats. Part of what we hate about Anthropologie, however, are its prices, and this new catalog is no exception.


For example: We were absolutely loving the "Graphic Bee Console" and the accompanying "Ditte Sofa" but then we saw the prices ($2500 and $3500, respectively) and the corners of our mouths curled up a bit. (Click any image below to enlarge).

Same thing upon spotting this Josef Wingback Chair (we're, um, kinda into birds right now), which actually had us cooing "awww" out loud at the catalog before the price ($2500!) compelled us to toss the fucker across the room.


So much for our fantasies of living the artist's life in Topanga Canyon.

Next up in the mailbag: The new Spring 2007 Barneys catalog devoted to handbags. While the prices of the bags inside rival or even exceed those of the furniture we were just bitching about, the luxury-accessories craze of the past decade has pretty much inured us to the absurdity of dropping thousands of dollars on a, well, see for yourselves:


We love crosswords, so we totally loved this Fendi "Crossword" woven mesh tote ($1580).

And then, this:


We don't quite know why Marni calls this a "Balloon" bag and we can't afford the price ($1620) but we're definitely in love.

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