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A reader writes: "J. Peterman's descriptions are interesting to begin with, but the description for this skirt is downright sexist. And the description for this tunic is downright ridiculous. (Eunuchs? Mating Peacocks? Really?)" So… Thoughts? What do we think of these lines: "At a time when men are getting facials and pedicures, woman are becoming leaders of Boy Scout troops. Really. More than 200,000 women are now registered as truck drivers, too… What is to be done? This unapologetically feminine skirt may remind you what it feels like to tuck a gardenia in your hair and dance in the moonlight." [J. Peterman, J. Peterman]

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Excuse me, whoever wrote that ridiculous drivel, while I flip you off from the cab of my truck in an unapologetically feminine manner.