To What Degree Do You Lie (To Yourself And Others) About Your "Number"

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Yesterday the Daily Mail reported that the average British woman sleeps with 6.9 men during her lifetime. (Seems small! Maybe it's their six-inch pensies? Or the chocolate!). But that's not all: In the interest of serving its readers, the paper has gone on to ask five women how many lovers they've had, and the results are kind of surprising! There's Christina Khater, 22, a virgin about to get married and engage in the most mind-blowing loss of virginity ever recorded in human history. (Or not!) There's Annette Ledbrook — not shy about talking about sex, but shy about her age? — who has slept with 2 men, one of whom is her now-husband and father of her three kids. Then there's 37-year-old Jo Kingston (why are these women giving their full names???), who had just 6 notches on her belt until she went on a sex spree two years ago and added another 15. (She blames it on internet dating. We can sympathize!). And last but not least, there's Jasmine Smith, 21, and Coralie Robinson, 24, who've slept with an astounding 90 and 180 men respectively. (You go girls?)


Considering that the average number of penises these five women have come into contact with is, oh, 51.7 above the "norm", we wonder if some of these ladies, aren't you know, lying? In fact, we've just been informed by a fellow Jezebel that lying — to boyfriends, to spiritual leaders, to oneself — is de rigeur when it comes to the "number," and that goes for lying up as well as lying down. (Hee. We said "lying down.). So tell us: What's your 'margin of error' with regards to carnal confession? Take the poll below and lets see just how much the rest of the world compares to the overbloated Brits.

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Given that these women are English, there's a good chance that all the reported numbers are truthful. The fact is, adultery is the English national sport, but the participatory females are almost always single and one of a small enough circle that by the time the fellow has kids, he's got to cycle back to the girl he started with. Which is why they treat their mistresses so well: they know they're going to be seeing them again. And again.