To Strip Or Not To Strip?

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I usually do not wax. Mostly because I'm cheap and lazy. The state of my pubes generally has nothing to do with whether or not I'm getting some: it's semi-seasonal but mostly whim-based. Like last week I looked down in the shower and I was like Jesus, my area looks like Burt Reynolds' chest! So i decided to get a wax, and my experience was a little unorthodox. My waxer blew on my crotch after she put down each new smear of wax. I imagine this was to make the wax cool more quickly, but it was still disconcerting. I didn't say anything because it's hard to be assertive when you're paying someone to rip off your pubes. Anyway! The best wax I had was at a super ritzy place where I got a free gift certificate and they had TVs on the ceiling. I watched The Wizard of Oz while an intimidatingly hot woman tore off my business. It was kinda like semi-Lynchian torture porn. But the point of all this TMI is that I'm wondering how many of you wax, and if so, how much do you take off?

A quick poll of the other Jezebels shows that most of us wax to some degree, whether it's just off the top and sides or we get it all off. One Jezzie goes "retrobush" in the winter, which is a term I'm going to have to fit into sentences all the time now.

After I got my most recent wax, I was all excited like I bought a new dress or something and I came home and ripped my pants off to show my dude. He was like, "Oh...neat," because he totally doesn't care either way. The one time I got a Brazilian he was all "You look like porn. In a bad way." Of all the dudes I've dated, only one ever commented on my hair situation, and that was to make a snide-ass comment about the hair on the backs of my thighs (which btw is so hard to reach). Do your significant others have a say in your pube maintenance? I feel like if they're getting what's underneath the pubes, they really don't have a vote about the upkeep, but maybe you can change my mind.


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Being a girl is expensive enough - I'm not adding $35 a month for waxing down there. I've tried to catch out my boy several times to see if he minds my shave n' trim maintenance, but nope - he seems to like me the way I am. So good. Because this is what women actually look like.

Though I totally waxed all the time when I lived in Spain and it was $5 for a bikini. So I guess I'm actually cheap, not empowered.