Pretty much every women's fashion magazine these days seems to have a Splurge vs. Steal feature, in which ensembles featured on the catwalks of Milan and New York are interpreted for the purposes of so-called "real life." But leave it to Teen Vogue to put its own special spin on this idea! See, for the readership of most magazines, "real life" does not involve having the disposable income to fund the actual D&G plaid coat! (Or, for that matter, the Marni fur backpack with which to dress it "down.") Not for Teen Vogue's readership - nothing less than "authentic" will do! After the jump, the magazine's August issue interprets fall fashions in ways that actual teenagers can emulate.


Okay, I'll admit it. The Teen Vogue way to wear this plaid D&G trench coat, which is not priced and probably won't be in stores until the temperature drops below 95, looks a lot more fun than the "run"-way. Maybe because the D&G way is…well…for starters, orange is a bad color for eyeshadow and…it looks like it was styled by the department of the Pentagon that conceives all the propaganda in charge of turning Americans against people wearing headscarves. (Or wait, Victoria Clarke!)

Behold: the punk pencil skirt, brought to you by Marc Jacobs. Everyone knows how Marc Jacobs invented grunge, but not everyone realizes he was one of the co-founders of punk as well. That is why his plaid at $238 is so affordable compared to Dolce & Gabbana's; he wants the kids to be able to pair his pieces with their $230 vintage T-shirts and $296 "Blue Blood" backpacks! He is like Ian McKaye in that way.


These are my personal faves. Doesn't it look like she just stepped out of a 1992 Mandee? Well except for the top part, which probably would have been a bodysuit. And she should probably be wearing a choker. I can't find a price tag on these House of Holland pants but their their website makes me want to kill myself.

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