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If you’re that special type of stage parent who won’t rest until your child becomes a successful Ghostbuster known far and wide, I recommend heading over to Old Navy’s website and purchasing some branded merch. But wait! Before you go, let me to give you some special instructions: if you want to buy a shirt that features the Ghostbusters logo with no additional copy, head to the Toddler Boys section. For shirts that say “Ghostbuster In Training,” you’ll have to click on Toddler Girls.

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A reader with a toddler of their own informed us of these items (now on sale, by the way!), and pointed out that the gendering is particularly surprising given the film’s recent all-female remake. (And before you rush to the comments and point out that the film contained scenes in which the female Ghostbusters were technically in training, kindly get the hell out of here.)


So! Though I’m sure that cute little grey sweatshirt will fit your 15-month-old daughter just fine, you’ll have to go to the boys section to find it.


On a brighter note, let’s take a look at how Old Navy genders leaders.

Here’s a shirt in the Toddler Boys section:


And here’s one in Toddler Girls:

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