"To Me, There Was A Certain Protocol That Was Lacking"

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"John" met "Cameron" at a bar. They talked. She was intrigued. They kept seeing each other. Sometimes multiple times in the same night! Because they're both drunks that go on benders and they kept running into one another at bars. Ok, so one Saturday night she said "we should get together," and he agreed! "Want to see a movie?" Sure! So then she had the audacity to FOLLOW UP WITH AN EMAIL. Yeah, this one goes out to the ones I love who will never, ever know because I do not ask dudes on dates EVER and this would be why.


You are right about being pushy. I was not expecting the bums rush Saturday night. It was a rather awkward situation. To me, there was a certain protocol that was lacking. I'd prefer to have an option to decide rather than being put on the spot to make a decision. That said, I felt that, a yes answer was the best way to diffuse an awkward situation. Perhaps that was wrong but given the circumstance I did what I felt was right at that moment. I hope you can respect my decision to decline your your invitation to the movies.



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A bums rush is when you throw a piece of cheese up into the air and all the hobos come running. Obviiiiiiii.

Could these posts today make me hate men even more? There was a time that I despised the stereotype of the manhating feminist and shied away from it. Now I embrace it, because now I truly realize how much they dish up for me to hate on.

This is like the time that I asked this guy I shacked with twice in college to my sorority formal. He hemmed and hawed for a good two weeks, and finally, a week before the formal, I asked him what the hell was up. He said no, and then said, "I just feel like you're the kind of girl who wants a boyfriend." Later I found out that he was asking his buddies a mere two days before the formal if I "still needed a date." No, d-bag, I'm going with my gay friend, and not only is he hotter than you, but we're going to scope out other girls' dates together while swilling r&C's.