To Do: Send Us A Page From Your Old Diaries

Last month, Shameless linked to a blog project called The Amy Diary: A Vancouver woman posts her junior high diaries. It's a unique perspective into the mind, lingo and anxieties of young girls. So I dug up my old diaries.

I was a very avid journal keeper, but don't seem to have many of the early ones. Still: I was prolific. My mom has a few, and in my bookcase I counted 33 journals (from various years). The one above, has, yes, a silver unicorn on it. And here's what I drew on the inside cover:


It was the mid-'80s. I was 12, going on 13. And heavily influenced by Miami Vice, Desperately Seeking Susan and Valley Girl.


Inside? Well, paging through, all these years later, felt really odd. I read lots of gossip about people I can barely remember. So-and-so was being a bitch; whatshername was seen holding some guy's hand; someone snuck out of the house and went to third base. There were parties, movies and homework. There were intricate social structures. Everything the older kids (9th graders!) did seemed so mysterious, and college seemed ages away. It seemed like I had a lot of energy, a lot of enthusiasm, and a fair amount of sass — plus the strange urge to write it all down.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Send us a page from your old diary. A clear photograph or a scan would work best, and please make sure the image is no smaller than 500 pixels wide. Much like our Past Fashion galleries, we'll collect them all and display them. The post will go up next month, so send images to by Friday, August 21. Please include your name (or commenter name), the year the diary was written, and how old you were when you wrote your salacious gossip.


The Amy Diary [Shameless]
The Amy Diary

[Lead image via The Amy Diary]

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