To All Our Fans, With Love, From Lizzie

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It's never fun to return to work after a sojourn in the South Pacific, but my arrival back on American soil has been made sweeter with this news: Jezebel contributor Lizzie Skurnick has sold a nonfiction title inspired by her increasingly-popular Friday feature about beloved, classic children's and young adult books, Fine Lines. (Congratulations, Lizzie!) The lucky suitor? Publishing behemoth HarperCollins, which, thanks to editor Carrie Feron and agent Kate Lee, will be publishing the book - featuring work that has appeared on Jezebel as well as new content - sometime next summer. And Jezebel readers can help, namely, telling Lizzie what sort of accompanying online content and reader participation opportunities you'd love to see - "book clubs, podcasts, interviews, e-book downloads and cover galleries are things we're kicking around," she says - and, of course, title suggestions.


Lucky for me, I'll be helping out with the book in some as yet-to-be determined capacity, including but not limited to repeated demands that Lizzie include mention of my personal favorite and as-yet-to-be Fine Lined book, Harriet the Spy. As always, those with ideas, or simply congratulations to share, can reach Lizzie at And for those who want to see our entire collection of Fine Lines columns, click here.

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@The Lonely Tourist: Yes! As a Margaret, I especially liked Three Lives to Live.

Okay, here's a reeeal long shot of a plotfinder:

I don't remember too much about this book other than the fact that I thought it was so funny that I checked it out of the library several times. I think the title was some phrase that you might say while rolling your eyes: "Like Whatever," "Yeah Maybe," "Deal with It," something like that. On the cover, there was a guy in a potato suit. The main character was a teenage girl who lived with her mom, who was dating. They had this close, jokey relationship, and at the end of the book, the mom broke the news that she was getting married while they were in the car in their driveway, and they started crying and laughing. The girl is in love with this guy (who maybe had to dress in a potato suit for his mall job??), and at a party, tells someone that "I'm his girlfriend." He later finds out about it, and her response is that she hadn't lied— she was his girlfriend whether or not he knew it or reciprocated.

Anyone?? I know, so vague; but I would so love to find out what this book was!