TMZ Mocks the Appearance of Two Pregnant Celebs in One Shitty Headline

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TMZ posted photos of expectant mother JWoww, with a headline and copy that falsely identified her as rapper Lil' Kim. It was an attempt to insult the Jersey Shore star's face, as TMZ has previously—and viciously—mocked the appearance of Kim (who also happens to be pregnant), because they are garbage people.


It's clear from the word choice that this was not an honest mistake and that TMZ staffers were intentionally being dicks.

Looking like she just spent the weekend getting her GTL on, Lil Kim walked the streets of New York today sporting the latest in guidette style ... which is an odd look for the 39-year-old rapper.

Kim is expecting her first child soon ... a girl ... but she has not officially confirmed who the baby daddy is.

The Queen Bee recently posted on her Facebook page where her fans could buy her baby gifts ... with gifts like a hamper for $1,385 or a cradle for $1,648.

Whatever Kim has been doing, she looks years younger.

(BTW, what the fuck is with their perpetual and incorrect overuse of ellipses? How is that even copy?)

It's tough to pinpoint exactly what they're targeting here because the whole thing seems to be a grab-bag of low blows. Is it JWoww's swollen features? Her makeup? Or maybe it has to do with both of the women's skin color? (JWoww notoriously spray tans while Kim has been getting noticeably fairer over the years.)

Whatever the case, it was definitely meant as a jab, since the site has made its opinion on Lil' Kim's face known. During an episode of its TV show earlier this year, staffers sat around in a meeting to discuss it in detail, likening her at one point to a clown.

One woman said:

"It makes me sad. Because her face, man, it doesn't look right at all."

Then a man, who was on the wrong side of 40 to not know exactly who Lil' Kim is, feigned ignorance so he could make a joke about her eyes.

"She's not Asian?! Oh my God! She's not at all Asian? Oh no, no, no!"

TMZ has a longstanding history of repeatedly making jokes at the expense of pregnant women and new mothers for their appearance and weight gain.


While we have the language to describe discrimination against fat people, people of color, disabled people, etc. there is no specific word to describe the intolerance for what happens to the way women look when they get pregnant, give birth and breastfeed other than "misogyny."


A petition was created by Leah McSweeney urging Procter & Gamble—the parent company of Pampers that claims to celebrate and support mothers—to stop advertising on TMZ.

As for JWoww, she's posted her thoughts about TMZ on her social media accounts.




Not to add shaming onto shaming but has JWoww had serious work done on her face? She looks completely different, especially her eyes.