A 19-year-old girl claimed she was raped by the owner of LA nightclub Les Deux and they're calling it a "typical Hollywood shakedown." To be fair to her, the events described in her lawsuit sound eminently plausible. To be fair to them, there's no police report, no rape kit, no mention of the word "medical," no attempt to pursue the case in criminal court and she's seeking $5 million because dude is loa-ded, which is why the responsible news organization that is TMZ has come out gunning on behalf of Team Rapist by plastering Skye's Facebook part pictures all over their site with the editorial comment:

Alleged Rape Victim Loves to Party at Les Deux 19-year-old Skye-Anne Smith plastered pics on her Facebook page, showing that she parties there like a mutha 'til the wee hours. A bold move with her being underage and all.


Now, I know you think this is probably callous and anti-feminist, but put yourself in their shoes: this kind of smear campaign realistically buys their site at least three months of exclusive celebrity sightings, one C-list cocaine use report, and a steady stream of scurrilous tidbits about goings-on at rival nightclubs.

But anyway, I know we've been through this with Jeff Epstein and Kobe Bryant (his accuser was 19, too) already, but I'll say it again: rape concerning older rich dudes and underage girls is just sort of an industry in this country. Those who are rich and powerful enough to feel entitled to fuck underage girls are rich and powerful enough to convince the misanthropic media that their accusers are shakedown artists, which distracts public attention from the original shakedown being perpetrated on their ability to distinguish between right and wrong long enough to convince everyone it's hopeless to do anything but resort to becoming shakedown artists, which in turn leads a lot of women to take short cuts. (See: Anna Nicole Smith.)


It's shit like this we can thank for Halliburton and that asshole British MP and how I sometimes wish it would all blow up so we could start over again, but in the meantime what do you say we all agree to never let our daughters leave the fucking house ever?

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