While Jon Gosselin may be showing off his tiger-laden Ed Hardy gear at every opportunity, TLC has decided that they've had just about enough of his hideous wardrobe, and, according to RadarOnline, enough of his "bad boy" behavior, as well.

Those of you who watched the return of Jon and Kate Plus 8 may have noticed that the network blurred out all of Gosselin's Ed Hardy gear, leaving him to wander around on screen with all of his badass insignia covered up. So sad! How will anyone know that he's totally not going through a midlife crisis now?

Jon's clothes aren't the only problem, a source tells Radar, and the blurring was meant to not-so-subtly let him know that they aren't very happy with him right now: "TLC feels like they are being used by Jon. They want to send him a message loud and clear."

Perhaps if the network really wanted to send Jon Gosselin a message that they, like most of us in America, are tired of his shit, they should CANCEL the show itself. TLC may feel like they're being used, but that's a bit hard to swallow coming from a network that continues to air episodes of a "family" show even as the family unravels in a very public and very icky way. Gosselin's behavior, and the circus surrounding himself, his wife, and sadly, his children, may be offputting, but that circus never would have been there to begin with if the network hadn't pushed it on the rest of us.


For now, it's just the shirts that are being erased from our screens. But one hopes that the entire program isn't far behind.

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