Titanic Memorial Cruise Runs Into Real Problems

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On Sunday, we brought you the story of the MS Balmoral, the luxury cruise liner that is retracing the steps of the Titanic in honor of the 100th anniversary of the original voyage. It seemed like a highly questionable idea from the start, but now comes word that it's already run into difficulties. It departed England Sunday, but was scheduled to pick up passengers yesterday in Ireland before setting sail for America—except as it tried to dock in Cobh, Ireland, the ship was delayed for nearly two hours by 45 mph winds and rough seas. Abort! Abort! Granted, it's not even close to being the same level of disaster that the original ship faced, but it still seems like a miracle that every single passenger didn't attempt to flee the boat once it made it to the dock. Then again, you probably have to be made of extra brave stock to even board a Titanic reenactment cruise in the first place. Despite the ominous delay, the ship was able to pick up its passengers, and now it's sailing off toward its final destination in New York where it should, God willing, arrive on April 19th.


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