The Unicef Ball, at the Beverly Wilshire, was a Big Deal. Cindy Crawford went all Barbie, Alyssa Milano went festive, and Joan Collins...well, you're just going to have to see her footwear for yourselves.

I don't want to criticize Suzanne Somers' gloves in case they have magical medical properties that I've been brainwashed not to recognize.

Ellen Barkin evokes that perennial holiday favorite, the sexy Victorian undertaker.


Cindy Crawford: we hate to say this, but Barbie called, and she wants her casual Friday ensemble back. Cause it's Friday, and she needs it. Don't shoot the messenger.

Emma Heming's ankle bracelet matches her necklace. Don't know if this adds to or detracts from her otherwise pitch-perfect socialite getup.


Alyssa Milano's prom purse somehow makes this whole "lady in red" look. It's the holidays!


Rebecca Mader rocks the breast frame. Sequined, for festivity.

I'm imagining Ghada Irani in talks with a dressmaker. "You know what this needs? A belt. And some infanta-style panels. And let's up the sequins."


Direct your attention to Joan Collins' feet, please. You may be witnessing the birth of a bold new trend.


Selena Gomez, as always, is Disney-princess-perfect. A tad mature, maybe, but definitely textbook "Benefit."

Barbara Davis knows: if it's not broke.

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