'Tis The Season

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[Silver Spring, October 14. Image via Getty]

County healthcare workers make announcements to residents waiting in a long line for the H1N1 vaccination shot at a clinic held by the Montgomery County Health and Human Services on October 14, 2009 at the Dennis Avenue County Health Center in Silver Spring, Maryland. Swine flu is killing fewer people than seasonal flu but is causing greater alarm due to its impact on children and higher healthcare costs, according to a top disease surveillance expert. Denis Coulombier, who heads the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control's preparedness and response unit, warned that a second wave of swine flu infections could be expected within weeks. AFP PHOTO / Tim Sloan (Photo credit should read TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images)


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labeled: crazy aunt kanye

Don't mess with it, and if you have a chance to get the vaccine, GET IT.

Yesterday was a terrible day in my tiny town. A boy who's been hospitalized for about a month with H1N1/resultant pneumonia at a major children's hospital here in TX lost his fight after the family had to make the choice to take him off of life support.

His name was Michael Soliz, and he was in the eighth grade. To say there was "nothing more that could be done" is just heartbreaking beyond words.

(My 7th grade daughter said that brought the total # of kids in her jr high to 63, just for an idea of how bizarre it should be that in this tiny town I have this terrible, terrible story to tell.)