Tiny Harris Isn't Your Typical Momager

Tameka “Tiny” Harris is a lot of things, but one label she avoids is momager. “I never consider myself ‘managing’ my kids,” she tells Jezebel. “If you need to be financed, thats me. If you need great music, that’s me.”

She might avoid the title, but Tiny—who’s been in the business for decades as a singer/songwriter and one-fourth of the R&B group Xscape—has built a tiny family empire that trickles down to her 3-year-old daughter Heiress.


In our interview, Tiny talks about raising entertainers, filming with her family, and writing her “life story” in her latest single “I Fuckin <3 U.”


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Oh my goodness, it took me a minute to realize that was a tattoo. I thought it was a largish areola.