Tiny Baby Goats In Sweaters Follow Girl Wherever She Goes

"Excuse me, is this Goats 'R Us? ... OK, great. Yes, I'd like to order some baby goats. Do you have the ones in sweaters? The little leaping ones?... Perfect. I'll take every last one of them that you have in stock, and I'm going to need them delivered ASAP."

[Via Tastefully Offensive]

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Yep, that settles it. When I get my financial sh*t together and by my dream plot of land in the semi-country, I am buying me a little mini-herd of pygmy goats. I am absolutely serious about this, it's been a dream of mine since I had some friends with goats and I was utterly charmed whenever I'd come visit and the first thing I'd see coming up their driveway were the goats chillin on the property, standing on tall things.

And of COURSE then I will learn to knit so the babies can have sweaters. That's a given.