Tinsley Mortimer...why is she famous again? Besides the rough business of consuming and burning calories? Let her tell you in her own words, courtesy of Page Six Magazine. "I have days when i overdo it. I'll head over to Crumbs for cupcakes and then order Domino's pizza and get it out of my system. Then I try to be good again... I'm small, but I'm someone who has always worked at my body. If I didn't, I would be much bigger. I like to be able to fit into my clothes better and be thinner. Even if I'm just alone in my apartment, I'm just happier if I'm 10 pounds lighter..." Still hungry? Click the pic for even more.


"I'm thinner at the top than the bottom, so I love a strapless dress or a big bubble skirt where you don't see my thighs. I'd love to wear jeans, but i don't feel comfortable...Of course, I want a boy. You always want that for your husband, to keep the family name. But Chihuahuas are girly dogs. My husband is so not girly and he loves them. He's so amazing with our little girl dog. I think he'd be a great girl dad...In the [Park Avenue Diet, a book to which she contributed] I talk about not having preconceived notions of people — of making them into two-dimensional characters. I'll pose in a picture, I'l have blonde curls and this girly look. But I'm a normal girl. I'm insecure."

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