Tina Yothers Ate Carrot Sticks On The Set Of Family Ties

The cast of Family Ties gathered on the Today Show this morning in honor of a new book — titled Sit, Ubu, Sit — written the show's producer, Gary David Goldberg. After an interview with Matt Lauer, the TV family returned for another sitdown with co-host Al Roker, who passed on viewers' questions, one of which was directed at the females in the cast and had to do with the stay-slim standards of beauty in Hollywood. Although none of the women seemed interested in delving into the issue, Tina Yothers let it slip that she considered herself "a big kid" and that carrot sticks were provided by producers... perhaps as a subtle suggestion that she lose weight. Clip above (and listen for Tina's TV dad's undermining comment about Clydesdales).

'Family Ties' Stars Hold Family Reunion [NBCNews]

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