Tina Meier: "Megan Will Always Be The Victim"

Tina Meier visited the Today show this morning to talk about the fact that California prosecutors are trying to get Lori Drew charged with fraud for concocting that fake MySpace persona that drove Tina's 13-year-old daughter Megan to suicide. Tina's hair looks really pretty and she says she got the news about the possible prosecution when she was cleaning out Megan's old room. She's working to pass stiffer laws targeting internet bullies. I wish her the best, although I hope all you Hillary supporters don't try to use those kind of laws on someone like me! (;-))

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I cruel lie led to 1 death, 1 divorce, 2 parents forever devastated, 1 sibling's life forever horribly changed... we won't even get into extended family and friends and community damage.

This is a true tragedy in the epic Greek sense.