Tina Fey's New Gig: Full-Time Poop Cleaner

Tina Fey was on last night's Letterman and I just have to say — Tina, we've missed you. I know that it hasn't been a long time since 30 Rock had its last episode or since you and Amy hosted the Golden Globes. Furthermore, your movie Admission is coming out any day now. Still, any amount of time without you is too long of a time. You need your own channel like Oprah has Oxygen so that we can have constant access to your thoughts and wit. Does that sound weird and creepy? THEN COLOR ME WEIRD AND CREEPY.


Turns out that if Fey was given her own Truman Show-esque reality show, all we'd basically end up watching is a lot of poop clean up. As the mother to an almost-two-year-old and the owner of a new toy poodle, that's pretty much all the successful star of film and television is doing these days. Gross as that may be, I'll bet that she's still hilarious about it and, yes, I would still tune in.

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Pink Everlasting

Oh, Tina.

Toddler + Toy dog = Dog put up for adoption in the next few years

I love you, but this is most likely a huge mistake.