Bummed about how much 27 Dresses sucks? Consider Baby Mama. In the film, out April 25th, Tina Fey plays Kate, a 37-year-old single woman who decides she wants to have a baby. She tries to do it herself ‚ÄĒ attempts artificial insemination ‚ÄĒ but her gyno, played by the droll John Hodgman, tells Fey's character, "I just don't like your uterus." Enter Amy Poehler, the less-than-classy woman who agrees to be Fey's surrogate. (Also in the mix are Sigourney Weaver and the 40-Year-Old Virgin's Romany Malco.) Not sure you're into this movie? Wait until the shot of Poehler peeing in the sink. SOLD!

Baby Mama Trailer Arrives Online [Cinematical]