Tina Fey & Questlove End Their Epic Feud

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It's hard to find anyone who doesn't love Tina Fey, but recently she found herself in a spat with The Roots. On an episode of Watch What Happens Live, Questlove called her out, saying, "Tina Fey, you are never nice to the Roots. We're from Philadelphia. Be nice to the Roots." In an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Tina managed to end the feud without administering a beating behind the Wawa, and unsurprisingly, she did it with a sandwich.




Can I say, as a 38 weeks pregnant lady, how refreshing it is that Tina looks sort of like she had a baby a few months ago? Is that body snarking? I tried to make it not sound that way. Feel free to correct me.

I'm trying valiantly to be strong and healthy after I have baby, but it's really depressing to see so many celebrities who had a baby WEEKS ago, and they make me sort of hopeless. I half expect for Beyonce to show up in photos next week looking like she was never pregnant to begin with (I'm probably going to feed the "she never actually was" rumour!).