Tina Fey Doesn't Want Her Daughter To Dress Like Barbie

Last night on David Letterman, Tina Fey said her look in Harper's Bazaar is the result of "gay magic." But she doesn't want her daughter getting glammed up yet, so she's pushing her to be a bacon-eating robot for Halloween.

In the clip above, Tina says that while she was doing the Bazaar shoot she thought, "Yeah, I look like this!" ... then they turn the wind machine off.


Below, she explains that her daughter is now old enough to pick her own Halloween costume, so the days of stuffing her in a ham sandwich costume and laughing at her are over. Tina doesn't want her to go as a "Barbie butterfly princess," but at least she doesn't want to be one of the Girls Next Door.


At least she doesn't want to go as a bacon clothed little mermaid. #tinafey