Tina Fey: Comedienne, Cover Girl And "Great Role Model" For Women

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The much-beloved Tina Fey returns to prime time tonight with a brand new episode of 30 Rock, the first since the writers' strike ended. Not only that, but her new movie, Baby Mama hits theaters on April 25, and she's Entertainment Weekly's cover girl on the issue hitting stands tomorrow (she also graces the cover of the May issue of Marie Claire). The accompanying article, by Kristen Baldwin, is five pages long, so we picked out all the juicy quotes and placed them after the jump for your perusal.


Donna Langley, president of production at Universal, on Tina:
"Tina really is the new woman who can have it all. [On TV], she navigates a man's world but maintains her own sense of self, she never has to compromise her ideals to get what she wants — yet she's not manipulative or coquettish. In her personal life, she's married, she has a lovely baby, she was the first woman to be the head writer at SNL — she's crossed all these barriers and milestones as a woman, so it makes her a great role model.''

Tina on late night munchies: ''I was playing a game with the camera guys: Guess What's Inside Me. 'Yes, there is Cheez Whiz inside me. Toll House cookies? Yes. Salami? Yes.'''
Tina on Baby Mama: ''I liked the topicality of the fertility issues that affect so many people. There's so much weirdness and emotion about it. If you start with something juicy, you end up with a better [movie] than if you just start with some jokes. And Amy liked that it did not have anything to do with a goddamn wedding.''

Tina on Fame: "They should draw up an equation: What level of fame do you need to achieve to keep doing what you want? Because you don't want any more than that. You don't want someone to take a picture of your butt on the beach.... How do you get to be Christopher Guest? Just live your life, make hilarious movies with your friends, and then go home.''

Tina on "Real Women" in film: ''There was a time when Teri Garr was in everything. She was adorable, but also completely real — her body was real, her teeth were real, you felt like she'd be your friend.''

Tina on her big mouth:''Pretty soon my kid's going to understand what I'm saying and be able to access it on the computer. I screwed up something a few months ago and I was like, 'You know who wouldn't do that? Tom Hanks. You know who would keep his mouth shut? Tom Hanks. I should try to be like Tom Hanks.'''


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@missdotparker: I was going to make that point as well. Still, I love both these women, so I'll support the film by seeing it in theaters.

@sableized: Knocked Up lacked a wedding.