Treasury Secretary and Gnome King Timothy Geithner faced the nation and Bob Schieffer this morning to say that, when it comes to women and jobs, Mitt Romney doesn't know what he's talking about.

Geithner was responding to one of Mitt Romney's favorite political talking points β€” that women make up 92.3 percent of all the jobs lost since President Obama took office. Speaking to Schieffer, Geithner dismissed Romney's figures as "misleading and ridiculous," explaining that the economy is, like, waaaay more complicated than Mittens makes it seem.

It's a meaningless way to look at the basic contours of the economy in that period of time, again because it starts artificially at a time when the President came into office and the crisis was still building momentum.


Geithner admitted, however, that, though the first half of the recession saw more men losing their jobs, the second half of the recession was particularly hard on female workers. When Schieffer then asked, "Basically you're saying that [Romney's] right?" Geithner made one of those faces people make when they realize that they're going to have to expend just a touch more mental energy trying to swat at a horsefly that snuck into the kitchen. It would have been fun if, instead of humoring Schieffer's fake question, Geithner just stood up, buttoned his coat, and said, "This shit is so over. None of your pointless questions will matter anyway when the gnome revolution is upon us."

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