Times Square Alliance Wants Desnudas, and Their Breasts, Off the Sidewalks

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New York City is still trying to free Times Square from the desnudas—the semi-nude women with painted breasts who began working tourists for tips last year. Now, the Times Square Alliance has supported a bill that would regulate the sidewalks in the tourist area, keeping the boobs to more specific areas, like next to the cheap Broadway tickets booth, probably.

The bill, according to the Daily News, limits “tip hustlers” like desnudas as well as the feisty fuzzy characters of Times Square to the pedestrian area. The bill has to pass in order for the Department of Transportation to make their own rules for pedestrian plazas around the city, including high-traffic areas like Times Square.

The Times Square Alliance president says everyone working for tips from out-of-town tourists can continue making that money:

“It will still allow honest people to earn a living as costumed characters, as desnudas and that kind of thing, but it will regulate more precisely where they can be,” said alliance president Tim Tompkins.


The alliance also wants to “ease” the way for more cultural and arts events in other pedestrian areas around the city. If we didn’t know any better, it’s sound like maybe the city’s actually found some sort of peace with the rogue, rouged breasts flopping around Times Square—as long as they’re off the pedestrian road.

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The Noble Renard

What’s next? Someone puts a strip club in the Times Square area?

Unthinkable. Times Square has always represented a bastion of morality within an increasingly lawless city, and any attempts to tarnish its good name should be thoroughly dismissed. There’s a good reason we trust Times Square to deliver a thoroughly wholesome and noncommercial experience of glee at America’s Crossroads. After all, they wouldn’t let Guy Fieri’s restaurant be anywhere even remotely unpleasant!