Time Writer Goes On Today To Discuss Gloucester "Pregnancy Pact"

Kathleen Kingsbury, the Time scribe behind the now-infamous Gloucester "pregnancy pact" article went on Today to discuss the controversy brewing behind the piece. As previously reported, the Mayor of Gloucester, Carolyn Kirk, has said that the notion that the 17 pregnant Gloucester High students had made a pact to get pregs is unconfirmed, despite the fact that Gloucester's principal told Kingsbury otherwise. Some students are also denying that there was any sort of pact, but Kingsbury stands by her story and her sources. In fact, some sources are now saying that rumblings of the "pregnancy pact" were being heard by school social workers as early as last fall. Clip above.

Pregnant Student Denies Pregnancy Pact [AP via MSNBC]

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I love how Kathleen is saying that the day care worker knew about this last fall and NOBODY stepped and said, "girls trying to get pregnant...BAD IDEA!".