Illustration for article titled emTime/em Really Should Have Photoshopped Out the Chair on Breastfeeding Cover

Will Ferrell returned to SNL last night in an attempt to fan the embers of his dying movie career (he'll star opposite Zach Galifianakis in the latest movie with a baby-punching joke, The Campaign, surely not destined to be confused for a much better movie about politics, Election). Saturday Night Live has gotten pretty adept recently at letting falling stars come in and make the best use of some late-night airtime, or at least take some credit for the regular cast's reliable hilarity. This week, Seth Myers offered a spirited critique of the much-chattered-about Time magazine cover, both for its seemingly lurid layout and the mountain of psychological torture the featured child will probably endure at the hands of his future classmates. Here's hoping his mom is teaching him how to deal with assholes even as she's helping fortify his little brain.


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