What's on your bucket list? I'd like to visit the salt flats of Bolivia and take on a roller coaster without having to down a Xanax. Youtube user ProjectOneLife, however, has some more ambitious pursuits for his experience wish list, and he's just finished item #117: Complete 100 days of dance.

This is some real commitment! Not only did this guy do the same routine every day for for four months, but he also listened to Jamiroquai's "Canned Heat" at least once a day. That had better be bucket list item #118 because I can't even listen to my favorite song that many times.


Everything about this video is awesome: The music, the moves, and especially the face. I hope they do another Youtube awards soon because this dude deserves every trophy he can get for his emoting. And for that American flag short/tank combo. That outfit is freeeeeeeesh.

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