Time Asks: Is Glee Anti-Christian?

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Time Magazine's Nancy Gibbs recently heard a youth minister tell a group of high-school kids that he thought Glee was "anti-Christian." It may well be, but not for the reason that youth minister thinks.

This was the youth minister's main example:

"He observed that the only self-identified Christian is the shiny blond Quinn, cheerleading president of the celibacy club, who is pregnant by one classmate but pretending the father is another. (To make matters more complicated, in a heartbreaking scene, she begs her parents' forgiveness; in righteous fury, they throw her out of the house.)"


Um, that's not anti-Christian? That youth minister should look around: that plotline, from the celibacy club hypocrisy to the parent's reaction is practically documentary.

The Gospel of Glee [Time]

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This is sadly a very true expression of many churches/Christians. My family and I left a church after they drove out a girl and her parents when she became pregnant while in junior high. It was disgusting display by the church when what they should have done was supported the girl, or at least ignored it which still isn't very "christian-like."