Timbaland Shares a Previously Unreleased Aaliyah Song

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Timbaland spent most of early December hinting that he would share an Aaliyah single that had never been released. It’s not surprising that Timbaland would have an unreleased single, the producer worked with Aaliyah on some of her most memorable tracks, including “Try Again.”

Now Timbaland has made good on his promise. His latest mixtape, “King of Kings,” which he shared on Christmas, features “Shakin’” a track with Aaliyah and Strado. Billboard reports that the mixtape, which also features collaborations with 2 Chainz and Young Thus, is a preview of Timbaland’s full-length, which is due out next year.

Aaliyah’s “Shakin” is second track on the mixtape. Dust yourself off and enjoy.


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