Tim Pawlenty, Frustrated at Soledad O’Brien’s Rhetorical Prowess, Suggests She Doesn’t Understand English

Soledad O'Brien can carve another notch into her rhetorical shillelagh after making Tim Pawlenty look like a xenophobic douche on Wednesday. After giving Romney surrogate John Sununu a what-for about Medicare, O'Brien got into a similar debate with Pawlenty when she confronted the former Minnesota governor over a Mitt Romney ad that (falsely) claimed President Barack Obama had cut $716 million from Medicare.


Pawlenty, who always looks a little sad, as if he just watched the The Fox and the Hound, answered that the Romney ad wasn't, in fact, disseminating false information. To which O'Brien more or less said, "Um, bullshit," to which Pawlenty gnashed his teeth and wondered aloud if the American news anchor he was speaking in English to could, you know, actually speak and understand English. But hey, can we really blame Tim Pawlenty for going there? I mean, he has a nice, monosyllabic American moniker. Tim. Makes you think of putting on a pair of boots and shovelling a driveway caked with snow. Soledad O'Brien's name, meanwhile, is trisyllabic, so...yeah.

Pawlenty Suggests That Soledad O'Brien Doesn't Understand English [Video Cafe]

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