Tim Howard Is an Impenetrable Force of Bearded Hotness

Tim Howard, the USMNT goalie who captured America’s heart and thwarted 16 goals during yesterday's U.S. v. Belgium match, patched into MSNBC to talk about being bearded and handsome. Just kidding, he talked about World Cup and stuff too.


Elsewhere, the Internet gave us Howard’s high school yearbook photo via Reddit. It turns out Howard was pretty good looking Public Enemy fan back then too, leaving this senior quote: “It will take a nation of millions to hold me back.” Hot.

Football fans have also begun a 'Tim Howard for President' meme campaign and added the U.S. goalie to President Obama’s cabinet as Secretary of Defense on Wikipedia, the arbiter of all things truthful. Hopefully he can handle both of those jobs at the same time ...


Still, anyone who was paying attention already knew Howard was perfection, thanks to that 2010 ESPN magazine body issue.


Images via MSNBC, Reddit and ESPN.

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