Last night's premiere of Project Runway was déja vu all over again: The contestants headed to Gristede's supermarket for the first challenge. Just like Season 1! It was a giddy thrill to see first-season fop Austin Scarlett flit onto the scene and lisp his way through an explanation of the task: To create an ensemble with things purchased at the grocery store. Each designer had $75 and half an hour, and many headed right for the tablecloths. In fact, there were so many tablecloths in the workroom that Tim Gunn had to holler at the contestants and straighten those suckers out (clip above). The first episode also serves as an introduction to all of the designers, and a few "personalities" stand out:

Blayne, the self-admitted tanning addict, who drops the world "girlicious" like a Pussycat Doll with Tourette syndrome, has got to be the most annoying. Though he's followed closely by Suede, who has a blue-tinged mohawk and talks about himself in the third person. Joe, the 41-year-old dad from Detroit, is intriguing because he's a 41-year-old dad from Detroit. On a fashion reality show! Kelli, who draws inspiration from Vivienne Westwood and Betsey Johnson, is sure to produce some fun frocks; as is Korto, the Liberian living in Little Rock. Also keep your eye on Leanne, the "silent fashion assassin," as she seems like she'll be the first to burst into tears. Someone texted me to say that Stella looks like Johnny Thunders, but clearly her eyelashes are classic Raggedy Ann. Anyway, it was Jerry, responsible for an American Psycho-esque raincoat paired with yellow dishwashing gloves and white rain boots, who was the first to go.

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