Tim Gunn Never Came Out to His Family to 'Spare Them the Disappointment'

Ouch ouch ouch, my heart. Tim Gunn talked to Larry "Still a Thing?" King about his admiration for gay youth who are open about their sexuality, and his own struggles communicating with his parents.

"It was a very different time. It was a very different era. And I had a lot of fears about being gay, about what that actually meant. And I had already presented my family with a lot of disappointments and I didn't feel that I wanted to present them with yet this. It's very funny, though. My mother died two years ago. And I think she eventually figured out my sexuality, but we never talked about it. And my father was gone long before. We never once talked about it.”



Katie Couric says that the rumor she's replacing Barbara Walters on The View is "completely false."

"No, that's an example I think of a story I guess that was printed and then was repeated that's just not true," Couric tells E! News. "It's very flattering. I'm a big fan of Barbara's and a big fan of the show, but it's completely false."

Couric added, "Again, I think that unfortunately, linking has replaced reporting and it's just a strange way of covering the news."

It's like all the things that I care about the least had a baby. [E!]

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  • Oh, hello. Don't mind if I do.

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Sadface for Tim Gunn, and not just because of not being able to come out to his parents. The "already presented my family with a lot of disappointments" bit makes me wonder what sort of family he had and what on earth they expected of him. He had a long and apparently well-received career as an educator, then followed it up with a successful entertainment career. He's appeared on reality television for years, and somehow managed to come out of it with reputation for being kind, sensible, and helpful. Most people who hear his name think good things.

What the hell else do you want, parents?