Tim Gunn Is Totally Normal: "I Wear Jeans & T-Shirts All The Time"

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  • Everyone's favorite human being, Tim Gunn, likes Dunkin' Donuts (Grace Mirabella turned him onto it.) And he can't afford to buy an apartment in New York, either! (Stars! They're just like us!) [Time Out New York]
  • Simon Doonan, the woman's champion, bemoans that there's "a lot of conformity, a lot of blonde hair ... I often wonder if feminism was just a dream. I can't believe how women feel so scrutinised, and they're still so self-critical - I thought they would have let go of that now but they haven't. There's a very masochistic thing with women now that I didn't used to see. My girl friends in the punk era weren't like that at all." [Guardian]
  • How's the fashion set responding to the economic crisis? "Everyone's freaking out. Everyone." [WSJ]
  • AOL pulls the plug on Glass-House dwellers Joan and Melissa Rivers' Emmy coverage because of repeated humorous references to the Third Reich, corpulence. [P6]
  • Prada denies it's trolling for an investor in Dubai; says it's still going public. The economy says otherwise! [WWD]
  • Tom Ford's bringing in the whole Mad Men design team to work on his directorial debut. Which we would totally do, if you changed "directorial debut" to "our apartment." [E!]
  • Not shockingly, Woody Harrelson is a big advocate for hemp. [Guardian]
  • Of her unisex clown-in-the-asylum collection for H&M, Rei Kawakubo declares, “The collection is constructed around Comme des Garçons’ style. Rather than aiming to make clothes that no one has ever seen before, it is very much Comme des Garçons to its roots. My priority has always been creativity, which was not the least bit compromised with this collection. That was the last thing H&M wanted us to do. Otherwise they wouldn’t have asked us.” [BlackBook]
  • Munichers at Oktoberfest are furious - furious! - at the poor quality of cheap, Chinese-made lederhosen. [Business Week]
  • Hoping to avoid a similar fate, Scottish kiltmakers hold a summit to protect their industry. [UPI]
  • Our greatest minds have come up with Kix by Katie, "a stick-on, lightweight, supportive strip which is applied to the inside back hemline of pants. This useful innovative invention adds just a bit of extra weight to your pants, making them hang down nicely." Thus is eliminated the heel-wedgie, the apparent bane of many a high-heeled dame. [InventorSpot]
  • Nike's in trouble. [WSJ]
  • PETA harasses Armani customers because he went back on his word about not using fur. No one makes a fool of PETA! They do that themselves! [Daily Express]
  • Gillian Anderson, for one, is furious with him. [FirstPost]
  • He responds by releasing a chocolate. "Available at Armani/Dolci stores this week through the end of October, the dark chocolate praline sweets are enclosed in a thin coating of white chocolate, conjuring “a tiny ethereal ghost,” the company said." [WWD]
  • We apparently don't feel nearly self-conscious enough about our rapidly-aging hands. [NYT]
  • Did Anthropolgie rip off their whimsical wall design? [Slog]
  • British film on Hijab fashion rubs some the wrong way. [Muslim Media Watch]
  • Aw, no one wants Elton John's really expensive brooch! A casualty of the economy? [The Star]
  • Some Milan designers apparently in deep economic denial, all about "optimism!" [VogueUK]

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