Tim Gunn Finally Snaps

Project Runway’s Tim Gunn, the show’s normally mild-mannered guiding hand, had an atypical blow-up in Thursday night’s episode. Or as Tim Gunn might say, he was uncharacteristically perturbed.


If we know anything about Tim it’s that he rarely loses his temper. Tim is your monotone best friend. Until you cross him.

For this episode’s challenge, the remaining six designers were asked to give makeovers to the Project Runway crew. As Tim is doing his routine check-in, going table to table to mull over and critique each designer, he offers his usual constructive criticism, but you can already tell he’s annoyed.

Designer Merline made an oversized puffy-sleeved coat that Tim says is “swallowing” the model. And most of the crew members are not in love with the early designs. Tim says one outfit looks like it has camel toe. While Tim gets increasingly upset, the designers are confused having to make outfits for everyday people instead of models.

Tim: “I have a fundamental lack of understanding about why this is so difficult for each of you.”

Candice: “Tim is emotionally invested into all of us.”

Edmond: “Tim is pissed off. Excuses? Not gonna work. Half-assed? Not gonna work.”

Tim’s tirade comes when Swapnil—a designer whose regular costume is drop-crotch pants and a leather bomber—is defending himself. Tim finally erupts.

“What a bunch of bullshit. Bullshit!” he yells. “I’m really just fed up. I just wanna ask, what is the fucking point?!”


It seems that Tim got caught up in his relationship with both the designers and the crew, and angry Tim Gunn came out.

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I saw this last night and I remarked on Twitter how it’s extremely ridiculous that DESIGNERS cannot measure, cut, sew and adjust for everyday body types. If they have a line, WhoTF do they think will consume most of their stuff? In a perfect world, it’d be their ideal client, but we all know we don’t live in a perfect world. Swapnil’s client was ridiculous to an extent but he was not at all understanding of what might be driving her insecurity over his initial design.

I was most disturbed by Ashley though. The chick she got was LITERALLY the type of woman she designs for and she has a similar body type. The fact that she was crying over lack of inspiration made me think she’s either super tired or on the verge of going home as well.