Tim Gunn never ceases to amaze. Project Runway's father hen showed up on last night's Daily Show, where he and Jon Stewart discussed the show, fashion, and fashion week, and Gunn totally won Stewart over; you could feel the love! Gunn also had winning views about the upcoming elections โ€” specifically, how the candidates are dressing themselves. After the jump, read Tim's musings on the problems of politics and style in an interview he gave to Newsweek. We're anxiously awaiting primary results, but in the meantime: Tim Gunn for President, please!

I was on the Hill just this time last year, and I had all of these elected officials literally running from me saying, "I'm not a fashion person! Don't look at me!" In the beginning, I thought it was kind of sweet, but the more I thought about it, I began to find it appalling. You're an elected official. How many people see you and make judgments about you before they ever even know your point of view?... I mean, are we ready for a male cross dresser in the White House? No. But frankly speaking, there are times when I wonder about Hillary... I look at [the current candidates] and I feel like they've stepped out of the 1980s. And what really disturbs me, deep down in my very core, is whether these candidates really think that having people talk about your clothes in a positive way could be a bad thing. To think that they might answer "yes" horrifies me... I will summarize [Bush's] entire fashion presentation in one phrase: schlumped over and drooling. I hope I don't end up in some Iraqi prison for saying that.

Tim Gunn Reviews the Candidates [Newsweek]