Tim Burton and Winona Ryder Reunite to Make a Creepy Music Video for The Killers

The Killers have a fancy new music video out and guess what? It was directed by Tim Burton. AND it stars Winona Ryder as a mannequin of a moviestar that is danced with by a super-creepy cinephile, who imagines that the Winona Ryder mannequin will come to life Pygmalion-style and smile longingly at him. There are a lot of hypnotizing black and white swirl-boards, and enough shameless objectification of women to keep you away from Tim Burton for a while, or at least until he makes another Beetlejuice movie. (Everyone take careful note: we only have two B-words left, so comment wisely.)


via Buzzfeed

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The Killers rule, but this is a huge hipster move by them. Among the 7 Most Annoying Things About Hipsters - http://theawesomecave.com/the-7-most-annoying-things-about-hipsters/